“Time purpose is to give Love the opportunity to develop. At the end, time vanishes, and everyone will be as old as his love” (G.B.Colombo)

You will be accommodated in an ancient house, which maintains many of its old features and architectural peculiarities, paying respect to the past and to its origins. In order to preserve traditions, the CleMaison Antica Dimora, thanks to its structure in larch and stone, and the precious use of architectural solutions already in use by our ancestors, blends well in the natural and environmental framework, preserving the authenticity of the ancient 15th century barn.

1st May 1999

This nice Aosta Valley’s tale begins with a lucky encounter of Laura Colella with the ruins of the old barn in Clemencey

26th April 2004

…here is how it started the hard work for the conservative recovery of the Ancient House
The old barn in Clemencey was built with larch trees cut between fall 1462 and fall 1464.
Unfortunately, before the year 2004 the scientific studies conducted by the regional government were not followed by recovery works and safety measures to prevent further damages and the Clemencey barn risked rotting under snowfalls and rain, as often happens in the Aosta Valley to many other wooden buildings, erected in the Middle Ages.
Laura bought and saved the building, with the strong desire to give a new life to this small village, where the barn of Clemencey, now CleMaison, was the very soul of the place. The small larch wood house built in the 1400s, after centuries was surrounded by masonry expansions. Thus for many years Laura focused with passion on the conservative recovery of the whole structure.
In 2005 came the Great Day for Laura, when she was able to move to Clemencey, partly still a construction site, planning and arranging a small corner for herself, at the ground floor. To date (2019) works are still going on, but Laura could finally move upstairs. The old barn of Clemencey is safe.

The small casket that hosted Laura while the building’s recovery was at its starting point has now become CleMaison Antica Dimora, ready to welcome pilgrims on the Via Francigena, hikers on the way to Punta Chaligne, mountaineers and explorers finding a cozy base to discover the mountains all around, european travellers heading to their vacation sites, tourist bikers.

Laura’s intent is to restore the ancient burn, through a highly conservative recovery process, with a focus on every detail, bringing part of the building back to the original function of “cereals dryer”, thus enhancing this old sign of the historical and cultural heritage and making its visit available again to the entire community.
A place out of time and out of this world, between reality and dream… where Nature celebrates its wonder. An ancient house where you can recover your energy in a absolute relaxation atmosphere, letting your soul and heart be pampered and warmed by the magic of the wood burning fire …

Authentic style details


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– Quote of CleMaison on the new Touring Club guidebook of Aosta Valley: “Inns for wayfarers”
CleMaison Antica Dimora A B&B on the route to Via Francigena, where you can truly feel like a medieval pilgrim. The house, a barn made of larch, was built between 1462 and 1464. In Gignod, hamlet of Clémencey 6, t. +39331 6669800”

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La bella storia valdostana del Grenier di Clemencey
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Clemaison Antica Dimora

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