Please, do not smoke inside the accommodation and don’t leave your cigarette butts ouside or in the grass!

Always close the entrance door in order to avoid the intrusion of small but very dangerous rodents or other animals (on the other hand, the kitchen’s window can instead be open, as it is equipped with a mosquito net)

Please, close the door with your key if you leave the accommodation, also if you are only going for a while in the garden area of the B&B

Use of heating: Before leaving the accommodation we kindly ask you to reset the heating thermostat to zero (as the adjustment is only manual)

Do not place anything on top of the fan heaters, to prevent accidents with coming out hot air!

Please avoid the simultaneous use of too many electrical devices (eg oven + kettle + heater in the bathroom …). In case you need to restart electricity, the circuit breaker is on the right of your entrance. In case of need, the access key to the external energy counter is located on the window sill, next to the door.After using the electric hob, please turn off the main switch

Please, remember to switch off the outside light of the B&B entrance when you don’t need it.

Please, don’t leave the washing machine in use when you are out of the B&B for a while. We kindly ask you to sort your waste by properly using the relevant containers. The ash of the wood stove should be discarded EXCLUSIVELY in the special metal bucket.

If you come to visit us with your pets, you are kindly requested to avoid letting them to go alone in the woods and to collect their droppings.